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We co-create audio-related products like: voiceovers, band albums, soundscapes, sounddesigns, restauration of existing audio, audio riders for bands and theatregroups and acoustic advice in our studio or on any location of your choice.

See the brochure for more info:

  • Every sound has a source

    A good audio-engineer is a musician. The thrilling heart of studio Amsterdam is Niek de Wit. He comes from a musical family living down South and has been playing musical instruments since he was seven years old. He started in the reinforcement business at sixteen and has since been perfecting and expanding his skills.

    He studied perceptions in the studies called Culture Organisation and Management at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After graduation he decided to focus fully on frequencies (audio and light). Het expanded his ambitions, which eventually lead to the building of the studio spaces. Here anybody deserves the stage. And there will be no more excuses to get it right!

  • Dutch cultural heritage

    Whereas audiences are getting more diverse and colourful, the artists on main stages mainly stay white. To create a more truthful view on Dutch cultural heritage, Niek encourages multicultural groups to step up and record. He knows how it feels to be in the spotlight since 1979 and behind the spotlight since 1988.

    He has managed to seeing both sides of many processes: as a host technician in music halls and theatres and as a touring technician, as a sound reinforcing technician and as a recording technician, as a sound-technician and as a light-technician, as a ecological and social aware, as a musician and as a quality seeker. This is why you can record affordably in his studio.



    A creative guy

    Niek is a passionate, hardworking and creative guy who is precise. Not only will you be received enthousiastically, you will also appreciate his clear-cut approach to your needs and budgets. He is a creative guy, willing to experiment building on both his experience and broad theoretical knowledge.

About Us

The only way to make harmonies is to cohere

Studio Amsterdam

Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125
1063 BJ Amsterdam
Ring the bell of Salve/Studio Amsterdam

Email: studioamsterdam.eu@gmail.com
Phone: 06-15086857
(when in session, you are welcome to leave your message on voicemail)

The studio is housed in a building with several small businesses named de Vlugt. It is near the ring around Amsterdam.

Public Transport that stops in this street:

Metro 50 @ Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan
Tram 7, Tram 14, Bus 80, Bus 280
@ Burgemeester Eliasstraat


You can park your car for free in the blue zone (maximum 2 hours if you have a blue parkcard) and you can park in the neighbourhood for free without a timeslot.

You even might feel like biking
to the studio!

  • Walk the talk and talk the walk

    We have 14 years of experience in recording, editing, repairing, mixing and mastering audio for video, film, documentary, soundscape, animation and musical recordings.

    We created voiceovers for amongst others:

    The info-film Peepoo from Simavi with Dieuwertje Blok, Animatiefilm Transitie van de Jeugdzorg Midden Brabant in beweging from Public Cinema on Vimeo, And the Fitapp at the appstore in cooperation with Uncinc.

    We repaired, edited, mixed and mastered the internationally appraised film
    I am gay and I am Muslim in cooperation with Public Cinema.

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  • And we did the same for the film de Turkse boot in cooperation with Artikel 1 (Chris Belloni)

    We handled all audio-affairs for the documentary Streetdiamonds , this includes repairing, editing, mixing and mastering.

    We also took care of all audio for the cartoon/animation Digiduif in cooperation with Sqrean.

    Of course we love music!

    Our customers range from rock bands to classical orchestras and the products range from live mixing during tours and studio recordings to concert- registrations.

    We recorded an album of the band Dessart,

  • We executed the live registration of the band the Boys named Sue

    We mixed the live sound and executed the registration of Wanao from musictheatre Delta Dua , This registration is on a CD that is for sale, so the mix in this video has been live mixed by us, recorded with camera-microphones and without any postproduction

    We took care of the live sound-mixing during the entire Indorock tour of The Raw Feet Players with Harry Koster, produced by Delta . We also took care of a registration that is on a commercial CD, so the sound of this video gives you an impression of how we mix live, but keep in mind that it has been recorded with camera-microphones and it lacks postproduction.

    We created a live registration of the VU-orkest at the Geertefkerk in Utrecht. This orchestral classical concert does not have soundbits online.

  • We made a live registration of singersongwriter Rick Spann in Amsterdam at the Oosterkerk. This recording has not been put online by the artist, but we can provide this footage: on Marjolein Droog filmproducties.

    We recorded an album from stonerrock band Abaco in their rehearsal room; an underground military bunker with a tramline overhead! But its acoustics match the music.

    We are not just audiophiles, we have a broader view

    We have been working as theatre-technicians at theatres like the Griffioen, De Balie, the Stopera (muziektheater), de Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Carre, the Tropentheater, club Panama and the Heineken Music Hall. We have also been on tour with many theatre groups like Het Nationaal Ballet, Theatergroep Amsterdam, Delta, Munganga and Duda Paiva.

  • And we have been working for companies like Audio Amsterdam, A-light, Bright Light, Pakhuis de Zwijger and Beam Systems as professionals in theatre lighting and projections. We have come from far to get here! We even won the gouden mus at de Parade 2007 with Tucht by theatre group Carver.

  • 1

    The Control

    The The Control Room is where the engineer is monitoring the session while the musicians are being recorded in the Live Room.
  • 2

    Live Room

    The 'liveness' of the Live Room can be suited to different setups by using acoustical panels.
  • 3

    Drum & Voice Room

    The Drum Room has been targeted for the driest recordings of the noisiest instruments and can also be used as a Vocal Room after a small acoustic adaptation, which we can execute on the spot.
  • 4

    Two Amp Rooms

    The Amp Rooms are the rooms in which speaker cabinets or combos can be recorded without the dangers of crosstalk.

You can bring an instrument, but not an acoustic environment

You want to record clean, neat and in the shortest amount of time. You do not want the whole band to redo a take because one musician made a mistake. So there was our mission: to provide multiple acoustically isolated rooms! This studio consists of several separated and acoustically treated spaces. The Control Room, Live Room, Drum Room and both Amp Rooms have their individual own floating floors and have box-in-box structures. Every room has been tuned to its specific needs.